Optimised building management

The day-to-day management of a building is often the biggest cost driver when it comes to energy. As much as 20% of a building’s energy costs will often be wasted due to inadequate building management.

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André Løvlund

Head of operations

In our experience, BM and other technical systems are rarely optimised for energy efficiency.

Entro conducts inspections and reviews of BM systems, technical systems and other building features. Working with the facilities manager, we optimise the technical aspects of the systems while maintaining a healthy indoor climate. This generates savings for the building owner and/or tenants. Entro will then make recommendations on any changes that should be made, including a cost-benefit scenario.

Knowledge transfer is very important to us, and we also pass on our knowledge to the people charged with running the building so that they can take and maintain the necessary measures in the future. A competent and committed facilities manager who actively monitors the building’s energy use can save up to 30% in a commercial building and 20% in a school building.

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