Risk financing

The costs associated with making energy efficiencies often mean that potential is left untapped.

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Andreas Grimen

Marketing manager

Entro has long-standing experience of facilitating risk finance for projects, both through government incentives and private investors.

**Risk-free sustainability projects – no cure, no pay **

Together with AMET, part of Entro Group, Entro is able to offer projects at absolutely no cost or risk to our customers. By optimising their energy and water consumption, negotiating contracts and putting the customer in complete control, Entro can help realise savings of up to 20% on existing consumption and costs. The project model is risk-free and maintains a positive cash flow for the duration of the project.

What does the business model look like?
- The savings generated during the project are shared between the parties.
- Entro only charges for actual savings.
- AMET finances the project activities and shares the savings with Entro.

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