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  • Invoice auditing

    By letting Entro audit your invoices, you can rest assured that you are paying the right price for your energy. With more than 30 years’ experience, we are Norway’s biggest provider of invoice auditing and analysis services in the energy segment. We identify errors in all types of invoices and raise the issue with the supplier to rectify the problem.

    Checking every single element on an energy bill can be very complicated. You need to have accurate data on consumption and prices, and often you do not know what you are actually paying for – or what you should be paying for. Entro has the expertise, insights and tools to check every element on your invoice. Our customers can be confident that they are billed according to contract and based on the correct data. We can give our customers reassurance that they receive the right energy bills and that the contract terms are being adhered to.

  • Financial reviews

    By granting Entro access to the account you use to pay your energy bills, you let us do the hard work while staying in complete control of your energy costs. 

    An accounting report uploaded to your accounting system ensures that you stay in control. We can also draw up energy budgets for all systems based on energy contracts, tariffs and recorded annual usage.

  • Systems administration

    Entro’s advisors can assist clients with creating a complete systems list of all energy contracts. The list includes all technical systems and contains all necessary information. We maintain the systems list through regular dialogue with both the client and the suppliers when replacing meters, changing tenants and buying or selling off properties. The systems list can be used when changing electricity suppliers, for instance.

    This is a valuable service as it relieves our clients of responsibility while keeping them in complete control since systems management can be highly complicated and time-consuming.

  • Entropool

    Entropool is a framework agreement with the electricity supplier Entelios negotiated and managed by Entro. The agreement has an element of financial hedging in order to increase predictability and reduce the risk of major price fluctuations while also ensuring low prices over time.

    The aim of the agreement is to generate volumes from multiple small and medium-sized companies to achieve economies of scale and terms that would normally be reserved for larger enterprises. This means very low mark-ups and overall energy bills. We are in charge of the energy purchases and manage all changes to the pool. This gives us full control of the client’s energy purchases, eliminates the risk of hidden extras and enables us to address any errors that may occur.

  • 1. Energy budget

    Entro can create an energy budget for any system based on your energy contracts, prevailing tariffs, taxes and recorded usage in the past year. The budget is usually completed and made available in our digital Optima Økonomi system by 1 September. A different completion date may be arranged.

  • 2. Budget review

    With our budget review service, the customer can check their monthly energy costs against the budget. This is a useful tool to monitor trends and adjust the original budget where needed.

  • 3. Accounting provisions

    Entro can prepare a report with details of the provisions to be made in the accounts for outstanding energy invoices/costs for the year ending. The report is usually issued in the first week of the new year.

  • 4. Client account

    With a client account the client gives Entro full responsibility by granting access to the account used to pay its energy bills. Entro pays all energy bills from this account by the due date. Entro reconciles, creates a trial balance and prepares a detailed quarterly accounting report tailored to the client’s accounting system. The only thing the client has to do is upload an accounting report to its accounting system once every quarter.

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