Entro maps and performs energy-saving measures.
Consumption in commercial buildings is up to 20-30% too high.
  • Energy consultancy

    By always sticking to the facts, we can offer our customers clearly defined advice and help to implement measures to generate the savings they are aiming for.

  • Energy management

    Systematic energy management will result in cost savings linked to energy consumption. Entro can help conduct analyses, set targets and establish a well-functioning operational energy management system.

  • Energy optimisation

    The biggest cost driver when it comes to energy use in buildings is usually down to the way the building is managed rather than to investments. Entro helps the customer achieve the best possible indoor climate with the lowest possible use of energy.

  • Energy-saving projects

    Customers undertaking an energy-saving project with Entro will be able to cut their energy consumption by up to 30% over the space of just a few years. The project will be tailored to the client’s goals, organisation and building stock.

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