Energy management

Most businesses have adopted targets and visions for energy efficiency and cost reductions. But how will they realise them?

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Andreas Grimen

Marketing manager

Companies that incorporate energy management into their operational model will reduce energy costs while saving money and reducing their environmental impact. Energy management is a useful tool that ensures targeted implementation of energy efficiency projects.

A systematic and robust approach to energy consumption will cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving you and your company’s reputation and giving you competitive advantages in the market.

Some companies may primarily want to take control of their energy use, while others are looking to change their strategic focus and implement comprehensive energy management with certification under international standards such as NS-EN ISO 50001.

Entro can assist in the process of establishing effective energy management at your company. We will analyse your existing energy processes and help you set ambitious but achievable targets. Working with the customer, we will draw up a strategy and action plan to ensure seamless implementation of an energy management system.

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