As a one-stop shop, Entro has the expertise and tools to tailor reports on specific results to all levels and areas of the business.

Entro delivers tailor-made energy and environmental reports to its customers, and it is up to you which parameters we should measure and how often to report.

Different parts of your business will require different types of information if you are to take control of energy usage and costs. This could involve anything from energy use to peak loads, costs and greenhouse gas emissions. A technical department may require a different focus and different information to a finance department since their performance is measured on the basis of different criteria.

By creating the reports in close consultation with you, we can ensure both quality and results, and you will be given solid support from our advisors.

Our reports: the customer decides the frequency and scope
- Energy, water and waste
- Climate report
- Sustainability report
- Energy review
- To-do lists
- Active resource monitoring

Climate accounting

Entro can prepare climate accounts based on the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative. The report contains details of Scope and Scope 2 emissions, which are mandatory, along with details of Scope 3 emissions, which are agreed in advance.

The report is issued either as a standard Entro report with aggregated data for the company or as a detailed report showing periodical changes in emissions per source or scope. Scope, format and emission indicators are agreed in advance and can be tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs.

**Entro can help your business with all its reporting. **

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