Management, facilities, maintenance and development (MFMD) are four important components when it comes to the energy and environmental credentials of a building. Each and every one of them affects the building in one way or another, and if you are looking to make your building more sustainable, it is important to identify the correlations between them.

Entro’s experienced advisors can help you and your company with all aspects of MFMD. It all begins with creating a good organisational culture amongst the building’s management team where a good strategy and the introduction of energy and environmental management are a key part of the process. Next we ensure that the building runs the way it should: in an energy and cost efficient way which also creates a healthy and good indoor climate for the users. In terms of maintenance, our advisors can help assess whether technical equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced and which solutions are best suited to your particular building. Development is another important aspect of the work we do for our customers. We continually seek to make improvements through carefully considered measures and are more than happy to help you implement them.

Entro can show you how to get started with sustainable building management.

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