It is more important than ever to focus on sustainability. This means protecting both the environment and people while ensuring your company’s competitiveness and profitability in the future.
Entro takes a strategic, tactical and operational approach to sustainability – from boiler room to boardroom.
  • Sustainability analyses

    We use the UN’s sustainable development goals to analyse each step of a company’s business processes and look at threats and opportunities relating to sustainability. We examine the company’s use of natural resources and its impact on humans and the environment.

  • Stakeholder analyses and materiality assessments

    A stakeholder analysis reveals which external stakeholders are setting the agenda for the company’s sustainability processes and which sustainability concerns matter most to them. A materiality assessment allows us to identify the sustainability concerns that are the most important to both the company and its stakeholders.

  • Sustainability strategy

    Entro helps companies to identify the status quo, then draw up a sustainability strategy and environmental policy based on the above steps.

  • Action plan

    We then produce an action plan with relevant KPIs to ensure that the company pursues and reaches the goals set out in the strategy.

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