Energy monitoring system

Did you know that businesses which install an energy monitoring system in their buildings can cut up to 10% of their energy consumption?

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André Løvlund

Head of operations

The first step towards reducing energy use is to identify consumption and take control of it. This often begins with a good system for monitoring and metering.

Entro staff have extensive experience of installing and operating various energy monitoring systems. We can help with the onboarding of buildings and the collection of relevant consumption data to give you a good idea of how much energy you use and then begin to reduce it.

A good energy monitoring system combined with a good metering structure will tell you what drains the most energy and when. We can then start to work together to implement energy efficiency measures to ensure that you meet your energy targets.

Active use of the energy monitoring system will also uncover any discrepancies and faults in the building’s services and ensure that the settings in the technical systems satisfy the users’ needs and the correct operating times of the building. An energy monitoring system can also be used to check that your energy costs tally with actual consumption and to budget for energy costs over time.

Entro can help with implementation from A to Z.

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