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Self-managing buildings and proptech are making waves like never before, and Entro has extensive experience of advising on smart building technology.

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André Løvlund

Head of operations

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  • EcoPilot

    Ecopilot is an optimisation tool which uses advanced sensor technology, algorithms and weather forecasts to reduce energy consumption and even out peak loads. Based on reported results from 1,000 buildings, energy savings of 13–15% can be expected along with peak power reductions of 3–10%, although many buildings will have much greater potential. Entro is currently the only provider of Ecopilot to the Norwegian market. Read more about Ecopilot here (link to news story).

  • Sensor technology

    Smart sensors for indoor air quality help you to optimise ventilation and building maintenance in order to save energy and create a good, healthy and productive workplace for tenants, staff and students. Entro is working with Airthings, a market leader on radon and indoor air quality monitors.

  • BM systems

    Entro’s advisors have extensive experience of building management systems, which are a very useful tool when optimising a building for energy. We can assist with analyses, check functions and set points and ensure that the BMS is up to date with the technical services in the building and that key functions are in place and working as intended. Another important aspect of using a BMS is to train the people operating it so that they can begin to make genuine energy savings.

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Every building is different, and we can help our customers make the right decisions on smart technology for their buildings.

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