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The History

"The most environmentally friendly Kwh is the one you do not use"
Entro ensures companies' green growth and reduces the risk associated with green change
Enøk Trondheim was founded in 1990 by electricians Finn E. Johnsen and Sverre Gjervan when concepts such as energy efficiency and green enterprise were largely unheard of.

Their ambition was to help businesses reduce their energy consumption with the help of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, which offered incentives to companies wishing to do something about their energy use.

When Norway’s energy monopoly was broken up in 1991 and a free market for electricity trading was established, it became more challenging to be a corporate electricity customer. Enøk Trondheim was the first Norwegian consultancy to help customers navigate the new energy market. By offering services such as invoice auditing, financial reviews, and advice on energy purchases, we saved our customers millions in just a few years.

Arild Herfjord and Jarle Karlsen later joined the team. Arild had a background in civil engineering and was tasked with developing analytics programs to identify and monitor energy consumption. These programs would eventually be consolidated into our proprietary software Optima.

Entro grew and continued to attract new customers in Trondheim and across Norway. Soon the name Enøk Trondheim became too provincial, and it did not take long before the company was renamed Entro Energi. ​With the help of Tor Lindholt, the company established an Oslo-based subsidiary, Entro Nova, in 1997. In 2009 the two companies merged into the present-day iteration Entro AS.​

In January 2020, we sold our Optima software to Ørn Software. Today Entro is purely a consultancy offering specialist expertise on sustainable and resource-effective buildings. The company is one of the largest green and energy-efficient building services providers. We work with the entire value chain and rely on tried and tested methods to help our customers meet their energy and environmental targets.

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